$500-$1000 scholarships will be awarded to exceptional dancers who demonstrate ability, artistry and passion. Scholarships are to be used for professional summer intensives listed on the following page. If you are  planning to attend one that is not on the list, please email us for approval.

All materials must be submitted by January 9 of the offered year.

Recipients are notified by March 1 of the offered year.


You must be a Loudoun County Resident. You must register and apply for scholarships online at You may receive only one scholarship in any one year. Student applicants must be between the ages of 13 - 21 on January 9 of the offered year.

ALL DANCE VIDEO REQUIREMENTS & SUBMISSIONS: Application is on the Google form link provided on this site. You will upload the necessary documents, photo and video directly to the link. If video file is too large it can be sent to: You will need the following items to submit with your



  1. A short personal statement (see application)

  2. A letter of recommendation from a dance teacher or someone who knows your artistic potential (see application)

  3. A headshot

  4. A video

Video requirements:

  • Select an audition piece to showcase your talent and skill (classical, modern, or contemporary).

  • Since this is an audition, wear appropriate class attire for your discipline (including shoes). No baggy clothing. No costumes.

  • Make sure your full body is visible at all times in your video and that there is enough room to dance without restriction.

  • Do not shoot from the diagonal or at an angle. It is difficult for the judges to see a movement finish or the landing in a jump.

  • Music accompaniment needs to be as clear as you can make it. Not loud, just clear.

  • Limit your video to about 1-3 minutes.


Scholarship awardees are required to submit proof of Loudoun County residency and a scholarship form to fill out. We will ask for the program you are attending and checks/payments will be sent to the program in the awardees name. Scholarships will be awarded March 1 and scholarship payments can be sent to your program in your dancer’s name starting March 15th, 2021 through May 31st, 2021.

If you do not attend your intensive or workshop, you will return any funds sent to you or to your institution. The purpose of each scholarship is to participate in a learning experience. A scholarship is not to be perceived solely as an award.




Approved Intensive List (if your program is not on this list email us for approval):

American Ballet Theatre (NY, AL, TX, CA)

School of American Ballet (NY/CA)

Bolshoi Ballet (NY/CT)

Pacific Northwest Ballet (WA)

San Francisco Ballet (CA)

Ellison Ballet (NY

Boston Ballet (MA)

Houston Ballet (TX)

French Academie (NY)

Gelsey Kirkland Academy (NY)

Kirov Academy (DC)

The Rock School (PA)

Washington Ballet (DC)

Joffrey Intensive (Varies)

North Carolina School of the Arts (NC)

Pacific Northwest Ballet

Ballet West

NYCDA Intensives NYC

Dance Awards Intensives

Point Park (PA)