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Bryn Helena Wertz

October 17, 2003 - August 9, 2020

Bryn Wertz was a beloved friend, a loving dance sister, an exceptional role model, a dedicated student, and above all, a beautiful soul. Anyone who had the pleasure of meeting, dancing with, or teaching Bryn knows what a special person she was. Her smile and warmth would light up any room and bring joy and happiness to everyone around her. She brightened everyone's day just by greeting them with a warm embrace and the sweetest of voices.

From an adorable little girl in combo dance class to a shining star every time she stepped on a stage, we had the pleasure of watching Bryn grow into a beautiful dancer and an amazing young woman. We are grateful that so many of our dancers had the privilege and honor of having Bryn as a friend, mentor, and role model.

Her movement quality, her grace, and her unparalleled artistry will forever be missed. Our studio walls feel empty without her, but we know Bryn will always be dancing alongside our dancers every time they step on the stage. 

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